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Purchase 1TB Hard Drive  $129.95


Hard Drive Formats: Simplified.


This format is readable and writable on PC/Windows systems.  This format is readable on Apple systems, but may require third party software to write to it from a Mac computer.   NTFS can support handling very large files, over 4GB in size.


This format is readable and writable on PC/Windows and Apple systems.  However, files are limited in size.  We will split your large video files into small segments where necessary.   These segments can be joined together seamlessly when you begin editing them.


As the name implies, this format is designed for use with Apple/Mac systems.  These disk volumes are not usable on Windows/PC systems without third party software.

If we are working on a video encoding, film or photo project and you prefer your output on hard drive in lieu of CD or DVD data discs, you may purchase a drive from us.

Simply indicate your desired format and add this item to your cart.

A 1TGB hard drive is the equivalent of over 200 DVD data discs and can hold tens of thousands of still images or over 100 hours of high quality video.


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