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Betacam SP Encoding  $26.95



What Video Format is Right for You?

AVI is widely supported on both PC and Apple based video editing software.  Please download a sample of our AVI output to ensure it is usable on your computer.

Right-Click to download AVI (Digital Video Codec) file sample, (72MB)

QuickTime is primarily used Apple-based systems, but this format is also supported on some PC-based software.   Please download a sample of our MOV output to ensure it is usable on your computer.

Right-Click to download QuickTime (H.264 Codec) file sample, (20MB)
Betacam SP

We convert each of your professional Betacam SP  tapes a digital format at a flat-rate price of $26.95 per original videotape, regardless of length of video footage or format of tape.

Betacam SP tapes come in a couple sizes.  We support both a the same rate.

As part of our process, a technician will color-correct your captured video and perform minor editing such as removing segments of empty space.


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