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General Questions

What type of equipment is used by The Photo Archival Company™?
What is your copyright policy?
Is my material confidential?
How do I ship my material to you?
How long does it typically take you to process my order?
Where are my submitted materials processed?
Is my material secure while stored in your media vault?
Do I pay sales tax on my order?
Do you return my original materials after processing?

Videotape Preservation / Conversion to DVD

What format are my DVDs returned in? Where will they play?
Can I edit DVD video content?
Can you repair broken videotapes?
Do you support international videotape formats?
Do you charge based on video running time?
Can you combine more than one videotape on a single DVD?

Still Image Preservation

What does DPI mean and how does that impact the quality of my image scanning project?
Can you place my scanned pictures in named folders on disc?
What format are my digitized photos returned in?

Open-Reel Film Preservation

One or more of my films are inverted or appear as a "negative". Do you process those?
What type of open-reel motion picture film do you support?
My reels have sound on them. Can you capture the soundtrack?
Do you combine my small reels into larger ones?
Can you clean my open-reel films?

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