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Film Cleaning

film cleaning

If we transfer your 8mm/Super8/16mm motion picture film to DVD or digital files, film cleaning is included as part of the transfer service and you should not add this item to your cart.   We clean the film as part of our transfer service to give you the best transfer possible and also help protect our equipment.

However, if you are simply wanting to get your film stock cleaned for evaluation or long-term storage, we perform this specialty service at  $0.05 per linear foot of film stock.

Cleaning film helps remove dirt, debris, lint, mold and mildew from the film stock.   The cleaning process replaces bad splices, lubricates the film and help makes the footage static resistant.

Depending on the condition of your existing reels and cans, we can consult on combining small reels into larger ones and/or replacing badly contaminated reels with brand new ones on an as-needed basis.

Keep your receipt.  If you decide to get your film transferred by us within 6 months of cleaning, we'll credit you 100% of the cleaning cost at transfer time, excluding shipping and handling.


(*) If you have more than 5000 feet of film, simply add another line-item to your cart.   This number does not have to be exact, it's just a good faith estimate.   Please call us if you need assistance.

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