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Our Methodology
Our commitment to quality begins with use of high quality raw materials.  Proper laboratory procedure ensures processing accuracy.  Finally, a strict quality assurance process helps guarantee your satisfaction with our products and services.  It is not one specific thing we do; success involves the entire process from start to finish.



Quality Guarantee
We proudly stand behind our work.  Our experience and stability allows us to confidently pledge that we will professionally capture and preserve your media content and that the resulting digital product will look the same, or in most every case, better than your existing media does today.

We have successfully preserved millions of images and hundreds of thousands of videotapes.  Still, we continue to hand inspect each project prior to delivery back to you to ensure the experience is a positive one.   After receiving your media, if you find we have made a technical error, not caught by our internal quality assurance process, let us know and will correct the error at no additional cost to you.

Our entire Terms of Service and random customer testimonials are available for your review.

Is It Safe?

America has been sending their photographs and motion picture film through the mail for processing for over 120 years.  In fact, the very first Kodak camera (shown here) required the entire camera to be mailed to New York for processing when all the pictures had been taken.  In addition to mailing printed photographs back to their customer, Kodak would return the camera loaded with new film to capture the next set of photographs.

We have several franchised processing facilities throughout the US where local customers can drop off materials in person.  We process all work in-house.  From receipt to shipment back to you, your media is never out of our control, let alone out of the country.

We are proud to report that we have never damaged, misplaced or lost a single piece of our customer's media.  We realize each artifact is irreplaceable; therefore, even the smallest item is treated with respect and care.

Every single piece of media, along with their new DVD/CD/Blu-ray counterparts have made their journeys home safely.


For customers who mail their projects to us, we use FedEx exclusively for return shipments.    When we provide free shipping for large orders, we pay for FedEx.  We do not use a less expensive option to enhance our bottom line.


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