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Slide Scanning  $0.59


Work Examples

Please launch our full-screen photo gallery to see an example of our scan quality.  The gallery requires a high speed connection; please be prepared to adjust your volume as you will hear selections from our audio library.

View Your Photos Online and on Disc.  One Low Price.

In addition to the scanning service, we can also provide you with a password to access your photos online from one of our secure media servers.

Once inside our Private Gallery, you may share your pictures with family or friends, anywhere in the world.

negative scanning

We convert each of your mounted slides to a safe digital format at $0.59 per slide.

We accept your slides in their carousels, slide storage boxes or sealed bags.  We accept 35mm, 110, 120, 126, 127 slide formats, anything where the slide mount is two-inches square.

Your images will be scanned at 2400 DPI (3600DPI slightly higher). 

After scanning your originals, we crop, rotate and color correct the images as part of our service.   Your original media is returned along with a disc containing your still images in JPEG or TIFF format.

You may order additional "project disc" copies, containing all of your images for family, friends or even for safe-keeping at $4.95 per extra disc.

We have spent years developing our process.   We know you'll be happy with the results and proudly stand behind our work with a quality guarantee.


(*) If you have more than 500 images, simply add another line-item to your cart.

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The Photo Archival Company does not transfer copyrighted video material, unless you are the original content owner or have a written release from the copyright owner included with your order.


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