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Testimonials from Prior Customers

Our reputation and your privacy go hand-in-hand.   You expect and deserve a certain level of privacy when dealing with your accountant or family physician, for example.  We hold ourselves to that same privacy standard.  We have successfully completed projects for Hollywood film companies, major universities, Fortune 500 companies, US Federal Government Agencies, celebrities, inventors, authors and more.  From hockey moms to small business owners to Park Avenue billionaires: we have had the honor of working with thousands of customers around the world.  As part of our privacy policy, we will never disclose your full name or your company name to any party for any reason.

From time to time, we conduct anonymous surveys and give the responders a choice to provide their initials when signing a testimonial.  In cases where the responder didn't provide their initials or a location, you will see anonymous below.

I had some old home videos converted to DVDs and gave them to my parents for Christmas. They hadn't seen the videos for years and they were so happy to be able to watch them again! I think it was the best Christmas gift that I've ever given. Thank you!!!
DS, Phoenix, AZ

I have 19 VHS tapes dating back 20 years. I feared the tapes would not even make one trip thru a player. The online invoice was easy, the price was great and the results are wonderful. Every tape with images was converted beautifully. We were not charged for 5 tapes that were blank. A completely exceptional experience.
WG, Trabuco Canyon, CA

It was amazing to see the faces of my family members when they got to see the parents and grandparents that have not been around for a while. The DVD definitely made our Holiday special this year!
GG, Albany, NY

S&RL, Long Island

I was very nervous about sending my family history off to an unknown place but the constant contact about the status of my photos was fantastic. I was confident my treasured memories had not gotten lost in the shuffle. I would recommend your service to anyone. Thanks for bringing me peace of mind!

I was VERY happy that you could convert our PAL format VHS tapes which we had recorded while living in Papua New Guinea to a DVD disk that we can now watch in the USA.
LTG, Providence, Utah

I was skeptical about letting my 40 year old film out of my hands so I sent only two of the lesser valued films. I was very impressed by the constant email updates as to the whereabouts and status of my film. My film was processed and returned within a week. Great job, I am sending more film.

The service was great. I received my material back well within the time frame promised and it was very professionally done. I would defintely recommend this company for your archival needs! Just fantastic, so glad I now have almost 100 tapes on DVD!

My husband and I were very pleased with the whole experience from beginning to end. We had 52 DVD/VHS/Pal and NTSC System tapes converted to CDs. The representative we dealt with was very professional. Excellent information on how to send your order by mail. The 52 tapes and CDs came back in excellent condition and on time. We would definitely use The Photo Archival Company again!
DS Greenwich, CT

Converted VHS to digital disk-you took much less time than I expected - and the data conversion was perfect. I am now considering conversion of my film photograph library. I WILL be in touch when I have indexed my photos. Thanx for your quick and accurate conversion!!

Just a short note to let you know how much we have enjoyed the dvds of our family movies, it reminds us all how blessed we have been throughout our lives.We were able to revisit hugs,laughter,and love past on throughout the video. The family has dwindled to almost extinction but this really helped keep our memories alive.

I was very impressed with the fact that they emailed me when they rec'd my order and they emailed me when they sent my order to me. It made me feel very confident that they understood the importance of the packages they rec'd and were working.

The Photo Archival Company was thoughtful and considerate throughout the whole process, letting me know the status of my items every step of the way. Considering the sentiment behind the video captures on the VHS tapes, they kept my piece of mind close to THEIR heart which is outstanding in this day and age.
RCK Carson, CA

I was more than pleased with the results. I had no idea what was on the the film my father took in 1965 or even if it was in good enough shape to get anything from it. So when we received the DVD in the mail I was excited and amazed to see the images my father captured so long ago. The work was absolutely professional.
MG Santa Rosa, CA

Dear Photo Archive Company: Your service was outstanding. We sent approximately 36 two hour videos that were converted to DVDs in about a week. Everything was perfect! In addition, the lady who helped us in your customer service department was outstanding! Thank you for a job well done.
SS Bridgewater, NJ

If you are considering having any of your tapes preserved onto DVD, I would FULLY recommend The Photo Archival Company EVERY time. They transferred my 7 Hi-8 tapes to DVD and I LOVE them. In addition to making excellent DVD's the communication between the two of us was also exceptional. I feel in whole that the company went above and beyond the capabilities I expected. Thank you guys !!!
N.L. Bethalto, IL

We really appreciated your willingness to rush our job, because of our urgent need. You also provided useful advice to us regarding how to prepare the files on our DVD for editing.

I had been looking for someone who could transfer my HDV camcorder tapes to Blu-ray and I am so glad I found this company. They did a great job putting my HDV tapes on Blu-ray disc and I am very satisfied in the way this company does business.

I had a wonderful experience with The Photo Archival Company. The DVDs are very well done and everything was completed so quickly. I have recommended them to several of my friends and family and I won''t hesitate to send additional tapes to be converted in the future. Plus, my children love watching the DVDs - it''s the highlight of our day.

It was so great to see the home movies that my father had made of me when I was growing up. The music in the background was just great. Thank for giving me the memories of my childhood.
LT, Borden IN

I have been extremely happy with the service provided. You have been very service orientated and particularly the individual I dealt with over the phone and internet. They extended theirselves to accommodate me in every way. I was very appreciative of that.
Regards, L.E. Idaho

Absolutely the best experience I have had with companies from the web. So glad I trusted your company. Prompt response, delivery and the DVD's were perfect. Thanks.
Lori W., Ann Arbor, Mich.

Great service and very fast. Loved that you have a franchise located in Iowa. Will definitely use you again.

Good service, Quick turn around, and great Price.. Quite Pleased...

I had special requests for my order and they were handled perfectly. We were VERY pleased with our dvd's... they came out better than we expected! They even included menus so you could go right to the part you needed to watch. Great service!

I sent in old VHS tapes of when my brother and I were little as my mom's Christmas present. They came back in great condition and were presented better than I thought they would be. The service was fantastic and very fast.
KL, Stockton CA

Just a note to tell you - in writing - how thrilled I am with the results of your converting my slide collection to digital format. Preserving my collection of 13,000 slides had been haunting me for some time, so it was fortuitous to read about your company in the New York Times last summer. Even then, the project seemed so overwhelming, but you guided me through every step and I am so pleased to have everything saved in a compact manner. As you well know, these are not just slides -- they are the memories of our entire family's history over several decades! It's enormously satisfying to have these memories preserved not only safely but in a way that's convenient to view and share. Thank you for your guidance. You always provided rapid, thoughtful responses to my questions. Additionally, you worked diligently with varying exposure levels to improve the scanning of some of my old, inferior slides. I have nothing but compliments!
MHS Nantucket, MA

I was pleased with the service as it allowed me to condense my space-consuming photo collection into digital format. The service was professional, they took good care of my photos, and the process was completed in a timely manner.
CP, San Francisco

It was a pleasure to use you from your web site to the finished job.

The Photo Archival Company first converted 11 small reels of 16 mm film for my wife and I. We were so impressed with the result that we sent 9 Hi-8 videotapes to be converted to DVD format. Now we're preparing to send 8 carousels of 35mm slides to them! The price is fair, the service is outstanding and the result are excellent.
RT Oregon

This company is fantastic. They constantly followed up with me until my videos had been received by them and then followed up again until I received the finished product which turned out great!!
TL Huntington, IN

Highly recommended! I almost felt like they were family taking care of my videos, they made me feel like they cared that much. I am very happy with the DVD's I received, they are high quality and the turnaround time was great!!!!

Superb service at very attractive price. Vendor expertly processed more than 36 hours of footage from a workshop saving me countless hours of time. Instead of languishing in a drawer the tapes are now readily available to all workshop participants who wish to refresh their memory.
W.W. in Houston

Our sons are now teenagers and had not seen some of the videos of when the were babies and little boys. The whole family got choked up seeing the videos in some cases for the first time. A great emotional and bonding experience.
JM, Palo Alto, CA

Delivered as promised while maintaining trust of responsible handling. Now I can continue to enjoy my grand children's younger years.

I sent two separate projects to the Archival Company. Each project required hundreds of slides dating from 1949 to 1972 be transferred into a dvd format. As you can imagine, many slides were compromised due to age. Each time I submitted my project, Sharon Colucci at Archival was responsive to my inquiries and concerns. She insured my projects were ready by each requested date. I am extremely satisfied with each project result. The dvd's were gifts to my mother and siblings. They've given us not only a trip down memory lane, but also a treasure of memories to visit, revisit and share with our children. Thank you Archival and Sharon.
Shaun NJ

This is the first time I've used The Photo Archival Company and I was very pleased with their turn around and final product.
WP of Virginia

I was so worried about sending 17 years of video tapes but you guys were great! The quality is wonderful and your support was exceptional. I will definitely use your services again.
Judy Vienna, VA

The quality and customer service was exceptional. I received an email verification that my package was received, which was very reassuring since I live in another state. I had a question and went online to request some information. I expected an email response, but they called me immediately instead. Wow! You don't often see service like this anymore. I definitely recommend this company.
BB Los Angeles, CA

The price was right and the service was great. I was somewhat leery to send off my precious memories, but you transferred them to DVD, no problem! I no longer own the camcorder I used to record these tapes, so I was unable to transfer them to DVD myself. Thank you so much for getting my memories from sitting in a drawer in limbo to DVD where I can enjoy them!

A splendid transferal of aged PAL VHS cassettes to a DVD format that will ensure their availability to future generations of my family. Prompt, professional service!
JS, Boston

Mr. Taylor, the CD of my father's voice came back today. Thank you for trying to clarify. It is 100% better than it was. It is something I shall always treasure and you made it audible. Thank you again.
JF, Temperance, MI

You did a great job restoring old 8mm home movies, some as old as 60 years! This has enabled me to share family memories with all of our family.

Extraordinary ! 30 year old VHS tapes that we can now view as MP4 files .... cut / paste / make smaller videos of events that were crammed back to back on the old tapes.

We were Katrina victims and thought we had lost our home videos as they had been under water. We were so appreciative of the service you offered and the terrific pricing and we have told our friends and family about your company. Thank you for a wonderful job.
Mary F.

Before risking a lifetime of memories to a DVD conversion company, I did considerable research on the available services. Quality, price and turn around time were important measures, but I especially wanted a reliable service with a strong record of customer satisfaction. My research led me to The Photo Archival Company. I sent them a mixture of VHS tapes, VHS-C tapes, and Hi8 tapes of both family events and business events. They called me to let me know they had received them. They cataloged the tapes, converted them to DVD, and called me to let me know they had shipped them back. All was received in good order and within the price they had quoted me upfront. The service was so good, I just sent them another large batch of tapes to convert. I highly recommend The Photo Archival Company for both personal and business use.
M.O. Washington

I have only seen my dad cry once in my lifetime. He was brought to tears with the gift of the DVD, so that is the second time. He was truly, truly touched. The family also had a great time seeing all the old movies. Many of the people in the home movies have passed away and it was like they came back to life just to say "Happy Birthday" to my dad and "hello" to all the rest of us.
S.B. Suwanee, GA

Thanks for the excellent work in digitizing 20 year old tapes. Excellent quality and great service!

We haven't been able to watch our old tapes for a long time ; we all really loved seeing my daughters as babies and small children, again. It brought back some great memories and is a fun way to spend time together.
PM, Flagler Beach, FL

TPAC anticipated any concerns one might have sending 20 years worth of family video to be copied. Every step of the process was direct, clear and efficiently handled. My family and I are thrilled with the results. Watching our family DVD's has refreshed and renewed all we love about being a family!
LN of CA

I would definately recommend The Photo Archival Company! They did a wonderful job transferring my VCR tapes to DVD's
John, Glenwood Springs, Colorado


The Photo Archival Company was the perfect choice! I sent them the video from my mother's 60th birthday party and it came back to me within two weeks done impeccably. I loved the personal attention I received, the DVD looked great with the photo "label" they made for me, and they even called to follow up to make sure everything was as I requested! Superior Service and Quality - Highly Recommend.

Due to their age, I was worried that the content on the video tapes were lost. You recovered the contents well.
Thank you, JTI

You guys are obviously a first class act....organized, on time, great product and wonderful service. I will definitely recommend you to friends and use you guys in the future.

Because of Ancestry's recommendation of The Photo Archival Company, I decided to submit two microcassette tapes to them for digital conversion. There were some difficulties because of the age of the cassettes and the type, and I have never received such personalized attention from a company, particularly Internet based. They definitely live up to their claims on their web site in regards to promptness, care of the tapes, and ease of ordering. An excellent company! I can always depend on Ancestry to find and review sources that will be helpful in research.
MC, Shelbyville, TN

We found the VHS tape at my parent's home after they passed away and we were cleaning out the house. The memories on the tape were priceless and we are so pleased that now they are safe. I cannot thank you enough for helping us protect those memories and for allowing each of us to have our own copy.
JBS - Dry Fork, VA

I've never had such a smooth transaction. The Photo Archival Company strikes again!
--Michael Y. Los Angeles, California

I dropped off about 700 photos and dozens of negatives to be scanned so I could use the digitals in photo-books as Christmas gifts. To my amazement, the photos were scanned and available for pick-up the next business day. They were just perfect, I didn't know scanned photos could look so good. TPAC made things so easy. What a pleasure to work with.
DF, Alpharetta, Georgia

The professionalism of your company and communications made me feel comfortable to trust sending my family movies to you for transfer to DVD. I plan to send my photos in soon for scanning! Thanks!
RG, Orange County, CA

The Photo Archival Company was the perfect solution to making DVDs from old 8M tapes that we could not view otherwise. I am thrilled with the care they took of my tapes and the finished product.
RD, Olathe, KS

Thanks so much for treating my humble photos with professionalism and care. Beautiful job.
MLC New York, NY

Used another company at first that held my tapes for two months before returning them un-finished. I was very apprehensive about sending out to another company, but your customer service team was extremely competent and performed very well.

I was very pleased with the constant contact, updates, and especially the finished product. I was also pleased with the care taken of my original materials to preserve them intact in transit. This is a great company with great people providing a great service at a reasonable price.
KLG Houston, Texas, USA

I was worried I wouldn''t get my order in time for Christmas, but they were very prompt, and I received with everything back with plenty of time to spare.

I just wanted to let you know that your company is the most organized, efficient, reliable and timely company that I have dealt with in a long time. I am extremely impressed. I will let everyone I know here in Vermont of your efficiency. Thank you so much.
LS Shelburne, VT

Good work, we are very pleased. thank you. My experience was wonderful! Couldn't be happier. Good prices, even better customer service.

I found the Photo Archival Company to be a great company to work with regarding some old 8mm video that I needed put on DVD's. They went out of their way to make sure that every aspect of my order was handled in a professional manner from start to finish. I suggest anyone with important photos and or video look to The Photo Archival Company. Their customer support / service is second to none in today's business world.
Sincerely, JG / Hamden,CT

The Photo Archival Company transferred over 25 video tapes to DVDs for me. Their work was excellent, and they were extremely prompt in returning it to me.

As a Christmas present, I converted some old 8mm films of my two daughters when they were growing up (late 70's and early 80's)) as my gift to them. Both now have children of their own and I wanted them to have copies of the movies to show their kids. None of us had seen them for quite awhile and they had tears in their eyes as they started to recall their early childhoods. My granddaughters kept asking who are those girls? It was great! The reproduction of the films to DVD was far superior to anything I had seen done before and the customer service and personal attention was fantastic. I would highly recommend this company to deal with your treasures and feel very confident about the outcome!!
TC, Tewksbury, MA

Unlike the competition, "PAC" is not afraid of special requests. I asked them to put two VHS-C tapes on one DVD and they were able to do it. Tell them what you want and if it can be done...They'll do it! The graphics on my DVDs were great. I'm glad that I chose that option.
MS Evans, GA

I was so thrilled with the editing you did of our 20 year old home video. When you then converted it to DVD, is was 10 times better than conversion I had done 2 years ago. I will certainly use you again for our other old home videos.


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