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VHS to DVD Transfer  $10.95


vhs to dvd

We convert each of your VHS tapes to DVD at a flat-rate price of $10.95 per original videotape,. For tapes greater than 3 hours, there is an extra surcharge of $5.00

All DVDs are not created equal!  Our DVDs are the result of using high end equipment, custom developed software and post-capture editing by a technician.  We do not use a DVD recorder to simply dub your video onto DVD.

As part of our process, a technician will color correct your captured video and perform minor editing such as removing segments of empty space.    If you would like to edit your content and decide which footage you want to move to DVD, we will provide you with access to your movie content online and let you specify which portions of the movie you wish to remove.   You can even title scenes.

You may order additional DVD copies for family, friends or even for safe-keeping at $4.95 per extra duplicate.

If your video needs repair or converted from a European format, we can accommodate your need.

Surcharges: There is a $3 surcharge for PAL conversions. For any tapes greater than 3 hours, there is a $5.00 surcharge.       
We have spent years developing our process.   We know you'll be happy with the results and proudly stand behind our work with a quality guarantee.

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The Photo Archival Company does not transfer copyrighted video material, unless you are the original content owner or have a written release from the copyright owner included with your order.


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