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16mm Film




Digital, Flicker-Free Frame by Frame Capture

We convert each 16mm film reels to a digital format starting at $18.95 per reel. Our still-frame process digitally images each individual frame in your film reel with a high-speed camera.

Frame by frame capture ensures flicker-free video. For example, a 3-inch (50 ft.) 16mm reel contains about 3,800 to 4,000 individual pictures, on average.

We no longer capture sound on 16mm

Film Cleaning
Before capturing your film, we clean it to ensure dirt, mold, mildew, nicotine and decades of other contaminants are not evident in your final movie. Cleaning the film protects and lubricates your film and it also protects our investment in our commercial hardware.

Film Safety: Our Light Source
To protect your film, we use a bright LED light which emits almost no heat. While preventing heat damage, we are also ensuring “the entire frame” is as clear as possible by being brightly and consistently lit with the latest generation of LED lighting.

Additional information

What Size Reels are You Converting?

3-in: 50 ft., 4-in: 100 ft., 5-in: 200 ft., 6-in: 300 ft., 7-in: 400 ft., 8-in: 500 ft., 9-in: 600 ft., 10-in: 800 ft., 11-in: 1000 ft., 12-in: 1200 ft., 13-in: 1400 ft., 14-in: 1600 ft., 15-in: 2000 ft.

Output Format?

DVD (We can put 2000 ft. on 1 DVD), AVI (Digital Video Codec), AVI (DivX Codec), MPEG2 (not in DVD format), Windows Media Video (WMV), MPEG4 (MP4, H.264/AVC Codec), QuickTime (MOV, H.264/AVC Codec)


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