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HDV to Blu-ray


No Custom Title ($0.00)

This option provides you with an elegant and professional disc without a personalized label. Because our discs are silk-screened, they are completely waterproof and ready for you to write your own title in permanent marker. Our premium grade DVD media can last up to 100 years depending on how you store and care for them.

We will affix a numbering scheme to each of your originals videotapes. Your DVDs will have the same numbering scheme on the case or paper sleeve. This allows you to tie your new media back to the corresponding original source media. Our numbering sequences are easily removed and leave no residue.

Print Custom Title   ($0.95)

If you choose this option, we will print a custom title directly on the surface of your new CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc media using a permanent, waterproof ink.

If you provide no direction, a technician will transcribe the text from the existing media label to your new media as-is. If you have specific labeling instructions, please enclose them with your shipment or local drop-off.

Archival Gold with Title ($2.95)

If you choose this option, we will use Archival Grade media, which has an estimated shelf life of 100 to 300 years. Do you need archival grade media?

To be frank, it is very likely that your CD/DVD/Blu-ray content will be transferred to another medium, not yet invented, by someone not yet born before the next century turns. Still, if you want the added shelf-life that comes with Archival Grade media, we offer the option.

Full-Size Case with Custom Cover ($1.85)

Our flagship option includes a full-size case and a custom cover printed on heavy, premium photo stock. This option provides a visual index of your video content.

Full-size Disc Case ($0.85)

This option includes a full-size case and a branded wrap.

Protective Sleeve ($0.00)

This no-cost option provides a paper jacket that protects your media from scratches.



HDV to Blu-ray Transfer

Did you know, in 2008, we were the first company in America to support the conversion of HDV videotapes to Blu-ray disc format? Read the related press release

We convert each of your HDV tapes to Blu-ray disc at a flat-rate price of $29.95 per HDV cassette.

You may order additional Blu-ray copies for family, friends or even for safe-keeping at $10.95 per extra duplicate.

As part of this service, we will keep a digital copy of your HDV content for 1 year. If you need a Blu-ray replacement, we are just a phone call away. We have spent years developing our process. We know you’ll be happy with the results and proudly stand behind our work with a quality guarantee.


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