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Video Rediscover™



Video Rediscover™

If your family is like most, you have a decade or more of home videotapes, but don’t know what’s on them. More than a few of them aren’t labeled and you don’t have a player to screen them.

Although you may not know what is on each tape, you are certain of one thing: you want to preserve the special moments held within them.

It’s time to rediscover those lost family vacations, your child’s soccer games, her first ballet recital, the holidays with the in-laws, the day your newborn came home from the hospital, dad’s birthday and more.

If this is you, then Video Rediscover™ is perfect. There are no hidden fees, no minimums to buy. We require no up-front fees to get started. Why wait?

For a modest digitization fee of only $3.95 per original videotape, we will digitize your media and then help make the contents known to you through our secure website.

Once we have published your content for secure viewing on our website, you can decide which movies you want to get back on DVD. You can also choose to have us remove segments of unwanted video from within a single tape or get them back in a digital format for editing such as AVI or MPEG4.

For each movie you order on DVD, the authoring fee is only $10.95 per movie, a flat-rate regardless of original videotape length.

The authoring fee for professional BetacamSP, U-Matic and high definition video to DVD is an affordable $17.95.

You may place a mixed order for regular conversions and Video Rediscover conversions. If you do, be sure to label which group each tape belongs to.


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